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The harmful health habits when the weather is hot and dry

Just sunny weather, has a chance to prosper so many illnesses arise. In particular, many people infected by the daily bad habits.

Drink water

Cold weather in the north and south of the sun have in common is very dry, the need to drink more. For Southerners, the habit is very like to drink cold water, ice water to relieve thirst and helps the body to feel more comfortable. However, according to doctors this habit cause disadvantage to the body.

According to Prof. Dr. Bui Quoc Chau, Center for Diagnostic control area and massage therapy Vietnam, if often drink ice will cause asthma, stomach pain, hemorrhoids, pile, pharyngitis, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis, colds, arthritis, hair loss, back pain, broken teeth, neck aches, neck, shoulder, chronic headaches, memory loss, poor eyes, heaviness, fatigue, fear of cold, acne boils, bowel disease ...

Besides, if you drink too much water in a short time will make the process happen sweating more, made of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium is lost under the body makes more and feel thirsty.

However, the weather is cold, dry winter of the north made many people become lazy drinking. However, this is the time the body and particularly the skin is needed to provide regular water.

So doctors recommend that when the weather is dry, you should drink plenty of water or fruit juices to cool the body and maintain good health.

Abuse beer at

In the sultry day, a refreshing drink is a lot of people particularly favored men such as beer. According to medical experts, when in the body, this drink will stimulate the secretion of adrenal hormones, heart rate, blood vessels expand, increasing surface temperature, thereby increasing the water evaporates, causing dry mouth.

Alcoholism mental state for underground back

National Alcohol underground back (rice wine) is an alcoholic beverage because people cook, Vietnam is favored men, but contains toxins are the cause of many mental diseases.

Stroke, colds or baths

Although the heat was lowered Southern background, switch to dry weather, but during the day, especially the afternoon there's fierce sun causes the body to sweat, discomfort. So many employees, strong athletes still in the habit cold shower. However, doctors have said that this action makes you face the risk of high fever or even a stroke due to a sudden cold air invade the body through the pores. So the doctor said that we should maintain the habit of bathing with warm water when the body is rested to ensure health.

Experts do not recommend lying conditioning just outside the bathroom. The sudden change in temperature after the bath to influence activity in the body blood circulation, heartbeat and blood pressure. In addition, this mistake can cause you difficulty in breathing, leading to complications, even strokes.

In addition, routine shirtless men also put the body susceptible to cold. Thus, in sunny weather, you should choose outfits thin, breathable.

With current weather Northern, doctors recommend only 2-3 times per week and bath maintains daily personal hygiene, proper water temperatures from 24-29 degrees C. To maintain skin smooth when dry, women should not arbitrarily washed with water too hot or too cold. Hot water dries out the skin, it is too cold will cause shrink pores, bacteria and dust will not be cleaned. Therefore, we should use warm water just washed off the dirt on the skin, and helps support skin parched winter.

The work habits harmful to health

During the work, people gradually formed the habit can cause negative effects on health. You try to convert some of this bad habit see why ...

Use fans, Air wrong way

With the temperature from 23-30 ° C, the South still has to regularly use a fan to cool the body. Due to the low humidity, weather quite cold at night, if the wind straight into the gutter fan will cause many illnesses such as colds, runny nose, sore throat. The use of such fans also make the skin surface evaporation, affecting internal organs, causes headache, abdominal pain.

When campaigning strongly sweating more, the blood vessels are dilated, if using fans immediately will cause sweating process stalled causing an imbalance between the production of heat and heat dissipation of body, blood vessel contraction suddenly very dangerous.

The difference between the outdoor temperature base and in air conditioned rooms in the North this time is that many people face the risk of "thermal shock". So if you're sitting in a warm room, you need to wear cold and open slowly before stepping out cold air.



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